Who Are We?

We bring together high achieving early to mid career professional women who want to build a powerful network of colleagues, increase their productivity and efficiency, and find better work-life harmony to learn, share stories, experiences, and ideas, grow together, become more effective and confident so that we can level up our careers and lives with impact and define them on our own terms.

Who Are We For?

The High Achievers Level Up Community is a PRIVATE space created for professionals like you who want to share experiences and stories.

Here in our community, you have the opportunity to connect with other like minded professional high achieving women, join in on live discussions, access leadership programs, ask questions, get direct answers, receive inspiration, feedback, and so much more that will help you achieve more success and momentum in your life & career.

This is not the typical networking community. Our community is a space that holds no judgement for those seeking enhance their skills, make better choices, build more confidence, own the direction of their careers, and connect with other professional women on their life journey.

What's Included:

  • Accountability & Community Support
  • LIVE chats with Jackie where she shares her experiences and stories
  • Expert Panels with guest speakers who are at the top of their game ready to share strategies that will help you along your journey
  • Monthly Challenges aimed at moving your needle forward with specific actions to help you reach your goals  
  • Exclusive Access to Master Classes, Courses, and Workshops for Career & Leadership Development
  • Exclusive member offers on courses, mentorship, and coaching
  • Ambassador program where you can earn extra special benefits by promoting and inviting friends and colleagues to join in on this premium experience 
  • First view and access to podcast recordings where amazing women like you, share their stories, pitfalls, and successes!
  • FREE Library of Resources with Videos and Articles on leadership, management, career advancement, work/life harmony, life success strategies, mindset, and so much more.
  • Website and App access for on the GO!

This community is brought to you by your host, Jackie Mitchell

Jackie Mitchell (She/Her) is a Certified Professional Career and Life Coach.

As a high achiever herself, Jackie knew what it was like to want more for herself but not know where and how to get the help to achieve these goals she set.

Jackie shares her personal stories of learnings (never failures) and successes in hopes that it inspires you and helps you in your journey not only in your life but in your career.  As she has learned that how you are in one area of your life, you are in ALL areas of your life.  Her powerful experiences are shared with members and she holds nothing back.

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  1. How much is this membership? Membership is currently FREE.  
  2. What is the required time of commitment?  Our community doesn't work unless you do.  For a Free Community, there is a WEALTH of information and knowledge ready for you to access, engage with, and utilize on your journey.  The more you interact, the more you will benefit from learning from each other and our experts.
  3. Will I have an opportunity to ask questions and post questions?  ABSOLUTELY YES!  The more interactive you are, the more you'll get out of the community.  You have the ability to post questions, follow members, chat with other members, join sub groups, and more.
  4. What if I want to get coaching from Jackie privately? This is definitely an option for you! You can get more information on private coaching by booking time with Jackie for a FREE consultation here. https://www.jackiemitchellcareerconsulting.com/book-your-call
  5. Why do I have to join the group to take part in your live events? We work with many talented experts in their fields. We wanted to create a private and safe space for our experts and members to come and freely share their stories and experiences and knowledge with each other. Once you join for one event, you'll have access to ALL events and even access for the replays that you may have missed! Membership has its privileges!